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Licenced and inspected: By Birmingham city council animal welfare, Rating Higher Standard 4* . 
Members of:  TICA,  & London Cats and Friends.
Jade Ferracini.

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BEFORE making an enquiry with BengalLegacyCats, please read through this page...
'Bengal Kittens For Sale'.
This has all the information you require on. We are receiving a large number of enquires, which we are always grateful for, we just need you guys to read through the basic information first, that will save a lot of time and we can then get to the FUN part, of choosing you a Bengal kitten!

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All of our Breeding Bengal Cats are screened for HCM annually, Pkdef & Pra/b Normal!

Welcome to Bengal Legacy Cats, here you can find some of the most extraordinary Bengal cats with beautiful markings, wild profiles, but with the softest and kindest domesticated nature. We breed Bengal cats that produce a whole variety of colours from, snow Bengal kittens to silver Bengal kittens and the classic brown Bengal kitten, this year 2020 is extra special, we will have our first charcoal Bengal kittens born. The temperament is something we focus massively on with our cubs just as much as their health, we believe those two factors come first before anything.

Bengal cats are a highly intelligent breed of cat, that require lots of love, playtime and interaction.
All of our Bengal cat's and kitten's are TICA registered, parents screened for Pkdef and Pra-b,we currently have no carriers. We HCM our adults yearly,.

Our Bengal Kittens are raised inside our children's bedrooms in a loving friendly family environment, socialised by 9 humans on a daily basis this enables us to ensure your Bengal baby will be confident, sociable and have some of the best temperaments your find in this breed.


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We also have a page dedicated to our retired Bengals if this is something you would be interested in please click here.

We also do not charge extra for Showing rights, so if you would like a pet Bengal but would also love to take him/her along to the shows feel free to enquire, we do this to help the shows around the U.K, we would also be super proud and excited to help you show one of BengalLegacy's cubs. 


We are a large, happy family who strive to care for everyone included in our home and those friends we make along the way. We are always learning new fantastic information about the Bengal cat and how to improve the breed standard.


We breed Bengal cats & Long Haired Bengal cats, because of having an immense amount of love and passion for the breed of cat they are. No one can quite explain the pure joy, love and devotion that these babies bring to us and their new families.

Bengals are an incredibly sociable breed of cat if they are raised correctly. Having the best breeder is more important than having the best looking Bengal, that I assure you. 

Bengal Kittens for Sale in the UK

Breeders who do it for the right reasons, will have huge amounts of knowledge and be very happy to help you with preparing yourself for your Bengal, and with life afterwards.

Our cubs are raised indoors, surrounded by 7 home educated children on a 24/7 basis. We have excellent protocols in place from, socialisation programs to sanitation routines, everything is kept clean, happy and organised!

My children's ages range from 6 to 18 years, they all play a vital role in making sure your Bengal leaves us ready, confidant with a huge amount of handling.

I have two children with learning difficulties, my 6 year old  has ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, she also gets very anxious at times, when she starts to get upset my Bengals will actually lay with her purring away to bring her comfort and reassurance, it's as if 'they know' she's special.

My 17 year old son  has Dyslexia, social anxiety and a slight tick, he is always telling everyone how he loves his Bengals and how they form such strong bonds with him, they will follow him around the house calling him if he goes to the shower and most of the time they jump in too! Yes most Bengals LOVE water.

OUR NEWS FOR 2021-2022


Hello to all of our followers, we love your never ending support and kindness throughout our breeding journey. We wanted you to be the first to know we have been planning something very exciting for the past 9 months.

BengalLegacyCats will be breeding Long Haired Bengals, also known as Cashmeres.

A cashmere Bengal is one of the rarest versions of the Bengal family and they are highly sought after because of the luxurious long, soft as silk coat.
They are very much still a Bengal just with the added Fluff!

They are amazing, the texture of their fur is just as beautiful as a normal Bengal, they do not moult any more than a Bengal would, in fact we’ve been educated they shed even less .

We are expecting our first Cashmeres to be born by the end of the year 2021, we are also working on our very own outcross program using a Domestic Long Haired cat and dedicating the next four generations to breed the perfect Bengal Long Hair (Cashmere).

This is our first outcross program that BengalLegacyCats have ever embarked upon, our goal is to not only breed the best and healthiest Long haired Bengals, but to also bring more genetic diversity within the breed, as there isn't may Cashmere breeders worldwide.

Our 'CashmeresLegacy' program will include Silver, Snow lynx and Blue Cashmere kittens.

We know not many people have seen a Bengal with long hair, and that’s why we are here to invite you to watch our journey and hope that you fall in love with them just as much as we have.

We will be introducing the cats that will be making ‘CashmeresLegacy’ Bengal Long Haired program over the next few weeks.

All our love as always 

cashmere Bengal cats


Bengal cats in birmingham